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wowee, maybe toronto is actually good for cycling. [Aug. 7th, 2009|09:36 pm]
Toronto Bikes

compared at least to rochester, ny.

last night i went for a ride - i brought the bike here on the sailboat that also brung me.
i rode into town proper from the marina, and it's a real nice ride. about8 or 10 miles, i am told. a gently rising hill. uphill all the way. there was this massive outdoor concert. there was a bar doing an outdoor bbq and they were selling cheeseburgers thicker than three of my fingers in a boyscout salute for 5 bucks with a bunch of potatoes and yea, verily, it was quite delicious. i was thinking, ' gosh, maybe i love america after all.'

and then i was riding home, enjoying a long, gentle downhill coast and someone leans out their SUV window and yells, "SIDEWALK, MORON."

now i wonder, is this one of the 50% of americans who are fascist assholes, or was this person genuinely trying to be helpful. i haven't actually seen /any/ cyclists on the roads here. they all ride on the sidewalk. problem is, i am now habituated to toronto traffic and i ride damn aggressively. definitely not to be around pedestrians. and the big spaces with no traffic here are refreshing. real refreshing. miles and miles with no traffic lights, and with no traffic. (not kilometres. they don't have any of those here). i actually saw white tailed deer riding up the street toward downtown.
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Adult Trike? [Aug. 3rd, 2009|11:13 am]
Toronto Bikes

It's my wifes birthday and she really wants an adult tricycle. Does anyone seen any for sale at a store in Toronto? I'm starting to see a bunch on the streets but haven't found them in a store anywhere. Am I stuck ordering one on-line? I'm willing to travel anywhere in the GTA by TTC.

Or, does anyone have one they want to sell me???
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For Sale: $85 Soft Pet Carrier for Bike [Apr. 30th, 2009|11:32 pm]
Toronto Bikes

I hope a "for sale" post is allowed. I'm selling a great cat or dog carrier that attaches to your bike rack.

It's an airline approved high quality soft-sided pet carrier made with heavy duty material, with the bike rack attachment for transporting your cat or small dog by bicycle.

The inside is nicely padded, and the roll-up sides over the mesh helped to keep everything nice and cool. There is a hook inside that attaches to a collar, so the end flap can be opened and your dog or cat can't get out. Very clean, like new condition and only used once. Good sturdy comfortable carrier for a small pet.

* Airline approved pet carrier
* In-vehicle safety and restraint
* claw-proof mesh windows and doors
* safety leash to prevent your small pet from falling or getting out unintentionally.
* small 17.7"L x 10.6"H x 9"W for pets 8-10lbs
* bike carrier attachment

I'm in the downtown area. Thanks

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The Ride to Conquer Cancer 2009 [Jan. 15th, 2009|02:41 pm]
Toronto Bikes


Is anybody else taking part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer? I participated last year, but training was a lonely endeavour. I know it's damn cold out now, but if anyone in the Toronto area is interested in some training rides starting March/April, please let me know. Biking en masse is lotsa fun!

Click the banner to visit the site...

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bike travel case [Nov. 16th, 2008|07:54 pm]
Toronto Bikes

i'm looking for a hard travel case for a bicycle, not a fabric travel case.

does anyone here have one that they might want to part with? if we have to buy new we will (and we already know where to get them new), but i thought i'd see if anyone here has a used one for sale first.

crossposted to toronto
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igor kenk's bail hearing [Jul. 29th, 2008|04:30 pm]
Toronto Bikes

for those following the big bike theft bust, his bail hearing has been announced.

crossposted from facebook, in case anyone wants to attend:

Igor Kenk's Bail hearing will be in court 101, tomorrow morning at old city hall.

Facing 3111 charges of theft regarding stolen bicycles. The Crown, has said however that more charges may be laid.

more info at http://www.new.facebook.com/inbox/readmessage.php?t=1032722857524#/event.php?eid=19297543389

you may now assemble into mob formation.
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igor got nailed [Jul. 17th, 2008|10:57 am]
Toronto Bikes

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Lesson Learned [Jul. 8th, 2008|08:14 pm]
Toronto Bikes

[Current Mood |sorein pain]

You know what sucks? Getting a flat tire on your way home from work with groceries (some of which are frozen) and a laptop crammed in your backpack.
You know what sucks more than that? Getting a flat with groceries and a laptop in your backpack and not having your repair kit with you to repair said flat.
Guess what sucks more than that? Getting a flat, not having your repair kit, and having neither bus tokens nor cash to fund a trip home.

The result? I carried my bike over 4 km in 40ºC heat to my home. With melting groceries in my backpack.

The lesson here? If you have your tire repair kit, bike pump, bus tokens, ten bucks in your pocket and maybe a cell phone... you won't get a ƒµç∑¡π§ flat. Even with frozen veggies and fish on top of your laptop in 40ºC weather.

and my neck hurts... gimme another beer.

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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2008|10:35 am]
Toronto Bikes

Cross-posted to bikes

Hi Everyone,
New to this community and hailing from Toronto ON.
I'm an avid cyclist and my biggest accomplishment was completing a 200+ km fundraiser bike ride this past June (The Ride to Conquer Cancer).

I have a question that I hope someone in this community can answer: Where can I get custom bike jerseys made, with no "minimum order quantity", for a fair price? Preferably in Canada, even better if it's in Toronto.


"The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." ~ John Howard
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bike blowout sale? [Oct. 12th, 2007|07:50 pm]
Toronto Bikes
Has anybody been to this?

Are there good deals to be had on road bikes?

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